Thursday , July 21st, 2005

Good morning, Board members, Faculty and Staff, Family and Friends. 

It is hard for me to believe that 14 years have gone by, the best years of our lives. With no further introduction, I would like too start this speech by saying how proud I am of being part of this amazing class of 2005.

It may seem as if it was, just five minutes ago, that I was yelling desperately in the classroom looking for one of my missing notebooks; not that it matters now, anyways. …What’s really important is the funny way I would manage to discover who had it , just by the way she/he looked back at me. It is not coincidental that after so many years of being together, this could be possible; but trust me everyone, it is.

We’ve gone through many unforgettable experiences, and with them, good moments, since the first day of school. Our countless Christmas plays including the memorable, “Bimbilimboe”, “Around the world”, “Charlie Brown , talent shows and senior sales, without forgetting those of us who used “Chorus” as a way of getting out of class with permission. The millions of times we asked for a little extra time, argumenting thesis and bathroom, and never went back to class, begging Ms. Samar or Ms. Mariah for a pass. How could we forget every trip, party and sleepovers we’ve shared, since little, every song, trend, sayings and jokes, but of course every single nick name given. Now, I would very much like to bring up someone’s name, a great friend: Clarissa, who should be included in this brief summary of excellent happenings, since she touched our hearts and still is a part of us.

I like comparing school to a long journey on an airplane, at the beginning infinitely long, but as we reach the end, how short it seems. On our flight each one of us has a role: the passengers are the students, the flight attendants are the teachers and finally the pilots, or principals. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance to stay on board and keep up with this flight; where the pilots, along with the passengers, try to get to their final destination. This plane consists of four different classes: preschool, elementary, high school; and at last Us..”The 2005 Senior Class”. After years we’ve finally arrived, now, graduates you may now unfasten your seatbelts, and start thinking about your choices.

It is now when the real world starts, a new beginning for every one of us. Take your time and think. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what to do with your future, you’ve still have a lifetime ahead to decide. Don’t waste your time on yesterday, or worrying about the past, the real troubles in life are actually the things that never crossed your mind; just remember the good moments we’ve shared, and smile; smile wherever you are and keep on bringing joy to those who love you, as you did with us. Memorize compliments and forget insults, don’t be troubled by making mistakes for they strengthen you; remember that at the end of the day there is always a friend to cheer you up. Take and give advices, and make sure they are good ones, be successful in your own particular way, make new friends without forgetting the rest of us, since we’ve been the best part of this journey…who knows what will be of us in ten years. It’s all about living the moment, as we are living one of the greatest days of our lives. A special thanks to our teachers, school and parents for helping us live it and whose fond memories will always remain with us. Congratulations!