Speech of the student Jorge Torres

Speech of the student Jorge Torres
Año 2008-2009

“CLASS OF 2009”
Wednesday , July 22nd, 2009


Good Morning, It’s hard to believe, but we’re here class of 2009. As I take a look at all of you dressed in blue, crying and smiling all at the same I can’t 
help but think about everything we have been through. I also know parents are restless and anxious to take pictures with their graduates so that is why I’m 
going to take my own sweet time.
As you all know I missed some important years in this school, which makes standing up here all the more valuable for me. For this opportunity I thank you all

I want to start by thanking our teachers; you have taught us many valuable lessons along the way. I also want to thank our parents who had the patience to put 
up with us for 17 or 18 years.

It seems like yesterday when we put on our brand new blue shirts, and what better way to establish ourselves in high school than by clogging the top floor with 
axe (bodyspray). Boy, we were young and…Foolish. We then look back at when our computer teacher started taking away points for no apparent reason or giving 
us weird captain names and we couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Then suddenly in the blink of an eye we weren’t the little ones anymore. We had taken a few more steps together in this adventure we call life. Sometimes those 
steps seemed to be taken backwards, but we always made it through.

Before we knew it we had been introduced to the most feared math professor in school. In all honesty we were terrified to meet him, he had made so many souls suffer. 
Only God could have saved us. However, at this point this wasn’t the only thing we had been introduced to; we also met the 3 most dreaded subjects in high school history: 
math, chemistry and physics. Grown in matter but not that much in mind we created the legendary physics paper war. Psst. Always a classic! Some of us were on 
our own; others were starting to gain interest in the very girls of our class. Maybe even the principal’s daughter. We all know how that turned out.

Waaaaaittttt. When did we get brown shirts? Before we knew it we had only two years left. Our trust in each other had grown. And what do you know?
We did what any other teenager would have done. We started hitting night clubs and staying out until late hours. But for some reason unknown to man we couldn’t remember 
a great deal of those parties. We knew we had one memorable time; we just couldn’t retrace our steps onto our beds. To put our maturity to the test we decided to camp out 
in a house where the cold is numbing and the drinks never ran out, once again amnesia kicked in.

Hey what do you know new relationships had been forged between us, some faded away and died others discovered that they could rise and once again be together. 
We then found ourselves leaving as a group to an enchanted place where magical dwarfs left a mark of growth between each and every one of us, not only as a group but as 
individuals as well.

Wow! We made it. Our senior year. Miraculously no one was left behind and suddenly trips to the grey reception became a lot more common. Parties started to be abundant 
and Thursday nights became Friday mornings’ horror. We breezed through some subjects, while things as simple as making a map puzzled us. As if this wasn’t enough our 
thesis was another challenge, but we came through as expected. As any self- respecting senior would have done we went to the beach several times.

One of these trips provided us with some insight! One of our closest friends was on the verge of ending it all and had no recollection of such acts the day after? We learned 
that lasts favors in a relationship aren’t the best idea even if you’re asking for a soda and that such a thing as a third chance can be given to a relationship. 
Who could have imagined that we could be creative enough to invent a hose party? Or that some of us would turn out to be the Village People’s reincarnation? To top a great
year off we had our goodbye tunnel that led the way to a greatest car ride in our lives. 

We’ve been through good and bad times, through drama and break-ups. Heck we even made, Prof. Pedro our godfather. So then why do some say we’re not united? It is with 
every step we took in this direction that we know who we are. It is with every experience we have lived together every day that we are prepared to face a world outside of this 
bubble. I know all of us said I will always remember, but I stand here in front of you saying I will never forget you class of 2009.