Speech of the Student Verónica Vallenilla

Speech of the Student Verónica Vallenilla
School year 2009-20010

“CLASS OF 2010”
Wednesday , July 21, 2010

Good Morning, Board of Directors, Faculty, Family, Friends, and Graduating Class of 2010.

Today is the day. After 15 years of learning, laughing, crying, enjoying, and mainly sharing, we are finally here. Ready or not, this is the moment in which we must take different roads. Moving on is simple, but it is what we leave behind that is hard, so,  let’s, for once, not worry about our future, but enjoy that we are all gathered one last time  in Colegio Jefferson to finally receive the awaited diploma.

As I look up I see 46 siblings sitting in front of me, having the best combination ever of personalities and characters. And if I needed to summarize all the things that were passing through my head when I was writing this speech, I would use two words; thank you. Thank you because your friendship has always been unconditional. Thank you because you have helped me grow and become a better person, and thank you for all the things we learned together. Throughout these years we learned to love and respect each other. We learned that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes; that true friendship does exist and that it is never late for forgiveness and new beginnings. 
We learned that when we believe in ourselves, everything is possible. And finally, we realized that today we may be taking different roads, but family will always remain family.

On those roads you take, the journey may be rocky or smooth, long or short; it doesn´t matter. What matters is the journey, how we live our lives on the roads we travel. As Robert Frost wrote, “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. So my friends, never be afraid to be different from the rest, take risks, and dream high because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

I would like to take my time to also give thanks to everyone that is here with us on our Graduation day. To our parents who for 18 years have been taking care of us with  so much effort and love. To our teachers who have taken their classes beyond science, math, English, teaching us invaluable life lessons. To our second mom, Ms. Summer Honey. To Antonio Sanchez, our godfather, that has always been there to offer his knowledge and advice.  And last but not least, to my 46 siblings: “la promo 20”. 
Class of 2010, never forget everything we have been through; because these, will be the best memories. Good luck on the roads you take.

Thank You!