Harvard Model United Nation
Congratulations to our students, Juan Diego Carrizo, Luis Fernando Zozaya, Magdalena Paul, Cecilia Santaella, Isabella Carrillo Cardozo, Emiliana Rivodo, Diego Lavegas, Juan Andres Ochoa, Elizabeth Nucete, Ignacio Montero,  Aaron Acrich, and  Jose Rafael Ochoa, for their distinguished participation in this year’s high school Harvard Model United Nations conference held in Boston, Massachusetts! Our students were guided by our well-qualified dear alumni Diego Añez, accompanied by Daniella Castillo, and Carlos Egaña, who for eight months assiduously worked with our students in their impeccable preparation for this conference.
There were over 3,000 students from the United States and around the world participating. Out of eight committees, our students won in six. Winning Outstanding Delegate award is Luis Fernando Zozaya and Juan Diego Carrizo, Honorable Mention goes to, Emiliana Rivodo,  Magdalena Paul, Isabella Carrillo Cardozo, and Elizabeth Nucete. Verbal Commendation goes to, Aaron Acrich, Ignacio Montero, Cecilia Santaella, and Diego Lavegas.
We are very proud of each one of you for your hard work and dedication, which once again have made you stand out in an impressive manner.