“At Colegio Jefferson we push ourselves to help our students become individuals who are able to think for themselves and solve problems that they will encounter throughout their lives.” Silvia Álvarez de Saiden


Since 1974, Colegio Jefferson has taken pride in integrating tradition with innovation, providing a superior bilingual education to young men and women. Our students are encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity and strive for personal excellence. We create an environment where respect and understanding are ever present. We hope you take the time to visit our website and learn more about how we make a difference in our students’ academic lives.


Congratulations to our Jefferson Model United Nations (JEFFMUN) Secretary General, Guillermo Rodriguez, Deputy General; Carlos Lahrssen, Logistics Chief, Ricardo Larrazabal, our Chairs, Claudio Bastiani, Henrique Arevalo, Diego Gordon, Mario Trivella, Luis Bernardo Andrade, Ariana Vallenilla, Maria Luisa Paul, Eric Neri, Marianne Neustadtl, Paula Hanna, Federico Larrazabal ,Maria Corina Carrizo, Jack Acrich, , Press Secretary, Andreina Pizzolante, Alana Stauffer, and Sofia Alcalde, along with Admin Chiefs, Sofia Castañares and Mariana Perales! These students led our first Model United Nations doing an excellent job. Also a special thanks to our sixth graders who helped us as Admin Staff! We would also like to congratulate all of our participants and those delegates who won awards in their committees. They are: Angela Garriga Best Delegate, Andres Garcia Outstanding Delegate, Sofia Carmona Honorable Mention, Santiago Montero Best Delegate, Juan R. Palumbo Outstanding Delegate, Mariana Orellana Honorable Mention, Alvaro Garcia-Ramos Honorable Mention, Andres Silva Best Delegate, Juan Ignacio Luzardo Outstanding Delegate, Bianca Revenga Honorable Mention, Andres Vargas Honorable Mention, Fernando Nuñez Honorable Mention, Juan Diego Carrizo Best Delegate, Luis Roberto Muro Outstanding Delegate, Jose Rafael Ochoa Honorable Mention, Elias Landa Capriles Honorable Mention, Federico Brandt Best Delegate, Federico Egui Outstanding Delegate, Lorenzo Rodriguez Honorable Mention and Leopoldo Azpurua Honorable Mention. -- posted on Monday, May 23rd

Proyecto Valores: Felicitaciones al grupo de mamás Jefferson por llevar a cabo el proyecto valores. Fue una semana llena de experiencias y aprendizajes gracias al trabajo en equipo de : Blanca de Salazar, Ma.Fernanda de Olivares, Carmen de Álvarez, Ma. Fernanda de Márquez, Isabel de Sánchez, Luisa Revenga, Margarita de Evans, Ma. Ignacia de Carrillo-Batalla, Ma. Alejandra de Arrue, Carolina de Bernardini y Daniella de Navarro. Sigamos contagiando valores. La Dirección -- posted on Wednesday, May 18th

Lista de útiles y libros año escolar 2016-2017 en "School Supplies". Ya están disponibles las listas de útiles y libros de texto desde Maternal hasta 6to. grado para el año escolar 2016-2017. Los libros de texto serie Enlace-Santillana de 3er grado serán vendidos por la editorial en la Plaza Principal del colegio el día 30 de mayo de 8:00 a.m. a 9:30 a.m. La Dirección -- posted on Wednesday, May 11th

Circular de salida -- posted on Monday, April 18th


University News It is with great honor and pride that we announce that  all of the 35 seniors who took the admissions test of the Universidad Metropolitana were accepted and five of those students are on the Honor List, obtaining scholarships. They are:  Guillermo Rodriguez, Ricardo Larrazabal, Robert Brewer, Diego Fernandez, and Paula Hanna. This year the Universidad Metropolitana had 12,000 applicants.  Congratulations! We also have news from three other seniors, Ivan Orellana to Bryant University with scholarship and , Marianne Neustadlt and Maria Corina Carrizo who have been accepted  to Illinois Institute of Technology both receiving outstanding  scholarships for international students.  We are very proud of their feat! -- posted on Thursday, December 3rd


Tribute to Mrs. Saiden -- posted on Wednesday, November 4th