Speech of Prof. María Teresa Freyre de Escobar

Principal’s Speech:
Prof. María Teresa Freyre de Escobar
School year 2005-2006

Class of 2006
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Good Morning, 

It is with great pride that I welcome the Board of Directors, distinguished faculty, PTA members, families and friends, and but most especially I welcome the young ladies and gentlemen of the graduating class of 2006.

We are here to honor the graduates. Congratulations! Today is yours, for each and every one of you to enjoy and to cherish. You have earned every right to be proud of your accomplishments as you receive your diplomas and become a permanent part of the rich legacy and the continuing evolution of academic and social principles of this school.

This morning I hope you will look back and admit that all the hard work of reading and writing, studying and cramming before tests, was well worth it, at the same time, acknowledge the task of the faculty and staff in sharpening your minds and strengthening your character.

It may surprise you, graduates, but as big a day as this is for you, it’s an even bigger day for your parents. They have been by your side every step of the way. I imagine many feelings going through their minds at this moment, relief, sadness, astonishment and being totally proud of that son or daughter who only yesterday they were dropping off at school for the first time. Parents, you have done a wonderful job, you have been essential in shaping these graduates’ dreams. Today is the acknowledgement of one chapter closed and the handing over of the pen, for them to write their own next chapter. So settle back and after all the friends and relations have left the premises, congratulate yourselves and try to relive that love that began this journey.

Every senior class has many challenges to face, one of which is fresh in my mind, is getting accepted into college. This year I am pleased to announce that we had many students accepted to schools abroad. They are: Daniela Avila who was accepted to Univ. of Toronto, Suffolk Univ. Emerson College, Bentley, Northeastern Univ. and Univ. of Miami, Alvaro Atencio, New York Univ., Boston College, Bentley College and Connecticut College, Elay Die Girbau, Instituto Maregoni in Milan, Italy, Tomasso D’apuuzo to Univ. of Indiana, Bryant College and Univ. of British Columbia, Danilo Diazgranados to Penn State Univ., Jonathan Farr to Northwestern Univ. and Univ. of Toronto, Carlos Fernandez to Boston College, Francisco Gonzalez to Univ. of Toronto, Boston College, Bentley College, Univ. of British Columbia and Bryant College, Juan Andres Jacobus to Univ. of Toronto and Mcgill Univ., Ivan Marcano to York Univ., Windsor Univ., and Univ. of Ontario Institute of Technology, Jaime Martinez to Univ. of Pennsylvania, Arabella Maza to Syracuse Univ. Roberto Pavan to Univ. of Miami, Gabriel Suarez to Florida International Univ. South Fl. Univ. and Florida Atlantic.

To the graduates, there are no absolute principles that anyone can give you about how best to chart your course in these forceful times. But no matter what path you take, there are a few suggestions that I have found and would like to share that might help you to do well and to do good in the world you are entering.

CULTIVATE THE ABILITY TO THINK FOR YOURSELF. When someone gives you advice, you lay their advice along side your own thoughts and feelings, and if what they suggest goes along with what you have got going on inside, then you follow their suggestion and if not follow your gut feeling.

EMBRACE DISCIPLINE. Give yourself the opportunity to discover that discipline is just an extension of the love you have for yourself—discipline is not, as a lot of people think, some horrid torturous activity—Discipline is just an expression of Love—like the Disciples—they didn’t follow Christ because they had to.

PRACTICE PATIENCE. Things will come to you when you are ready to handle them—not before. Just keep walking your road.

And as you walk your road, as you live your life, RELISH THE ROAD. And relish the fact that the road of your life will probably be a windy road. Something like—the yellow brick road in the WIZARD OF OZ. You see the glory of OZ up ahead—but there are lots of twists and turns along the way.


Eat Your Vegetables, Floss Your Teeth, Try Meditation, Get Some Exercise, and SHARPEN YOUR 7 SENSES: the basic 5 Senses plus the 6th Sense: Especially the 7th Sense, which is your sense of HUMOR.

SAY “THANK YOU” at least once a week.

LOVE YOURSELF. Give yourself the gift of believing in yourself. There is a saying, “If you don’t first love yourself, you can never truly love anyone else.”

Don’t listen to things from yourself that you wouldn’t accept from a friend. You wouldn’t want a friend, who wasn’t supportive, so don’t accept any less from yourself. You’re only human, so learn to forgive yourself the little things, and do the best you can on the big things. No one is perfect, and expecting perfection from yourself or anyone else is a waste of time.

BE BOLD. ENVISION YOURSELF LIVING A LIFE THAT YOU LOVE. Believe, even if you can only muster your faith for just this moment; believe that the sort of life you wish to live is, at this very moment, just waiting for you to summon it up. And when you wish for it, you begin moving towards it, and it, in turn, begins moving towards you.

As former New York City Mayor, Ed Koch said, “The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match.” Graduates the future is yours- the world of tomorrow is in your hands. So with imagination, ingenuity and audacity, explore, discover, change the world. And have fun while you’re at it..

My very best wishes and don’t lose your enthusiasm. May God always hold you in the palm of his hands!