Ever since its founding, Colegio Jefferson has earnestly worked towards achieving excellence, demanding honesty, responsibility and
perseverance from its students, while stimulating their creativity and instilling a sense of positive leadership growth.
In the words of its founder, Silvia Álvarez de Saiden:

“At Colegio Jefferson we push ourselves to help our students become individuals who are able to think for themselves, 
and to solve the type of problems they will encounter throughout their lives”

We work towards bringing out in them an appreciation for beauty, curiosity for the unknown, tolerance in accepting differences,
a love for learning, and optimism for the future. We awaken in our students the desire to reach ideal results in their work.
In order to achieve our objectives, we count on a great team of faculty and staff members;
they all work under a same umbrella: one of love, work and consistency.

The words of the well-known Venezuelan educator, Francisco Tamayo, can help summarize the philosophy of our school:

“We must teach our children and youth to love their environment, their family, their friends, the work of men, nature, their country, the world”

The outstanding results obtained by Colegio Jefferson are due to the joined effort of its student body, parents, teachers and professors,
who, during all these years have maintained one fundamental mission: achieve excellence.