Colegio Jefferson was founded in May 1974 by Mrs. Silvia Alvarez de Saiden and her daughter Mrs. Silvia Saiden de Navarro. The school opened its doors in September of that same year in “Quinta Tonteria”, located in Plaza Yare, San Roman, Caracas. They began with a small group of preschool children. At that moment, the main objective was the formation of the students with an  ntegral education, offering English as a second language.

Since its founding Colegio Jefferson has been a private coeducational school registered in the Ministry of Education.

Over time, enrollment increased. The school facilities were insufficient, and during the 1985-1986 academic year the board of directors along with the community of  parents and representatives decided to give continuity to the curriculum of studies and in this manner give rise to the levels of middle and high school.

To achieve this goal, it was necessary to build a new school in 1987. It is currently located in the residential area of Colinas de Valle Arriba and was inaugurated on October 3, 1988.

Today Colegio Jefferson prides itself in offering a top bilingual education to its students. It provides an academically rigorous  curriculum with a concentration in the sciences. There are over nine hundred students enrolled. After 42 years it is one of the most successful private schools in Caracas, Venezuela.




Colegio Jefferson’s mission is to be teachers, guides, mediators and facilitators of the learning process; 
form leaders in democratic, moral and  ethical values in order to be authentic citizens; prepare children to confront their future roles in life;  direct their learning according to technological advances; promote and improve human relations between the directors, teachers, family members and students.




Count with participative families, immersed in education; directors, teachers, family members and students identified 
and committed in the reality of the school and community; children eminently sociable with the capacity of competitive leadership  and managers of change; a modern school implementing the technological advances with updated teachers; an adequate building structure  to harbor teachers and students for a better performance; teachers that work in a harmonious and friendly environment.