Principal’s Speech: Prof. María Teresa Freyre de Escobar

Principal’s Speech: Prof. María Teresa Freyre de Escobar
School year 2006-2007

“CLASS OF 2007”
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Good Morning, 

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome all of you to the 17th Commencement of Colegio Jefferson and to the graduation of the Class of 2007.

Today is the end of one world and the beginning of another. Today is when you leave behind childhood ways and step into the shoes of adulthood. Today is, above all, a day for celebrating. Today is a day when you can happily say, “I did it, I’ve graduated.”
Your parents too are looking happy and proud and that’s just how it should be because you have done well and they are delighted for you. They are also probably a little nostalgic as they think of you as babies. Overall, though, they are relieved that at long last you are an adult and can be expected to clean your own bedrooms! Never forget all you owe them for their love and support over the years. Express your gratitude to them because even parents like to be appreciated.

As I look at you today I too think of how you have changed over the years since you first came to Colegio Jefferson. You have grown in stature and confidence. You now have ideas and thoughts that you didn’t know existed when you first entered this school. As a child you probably wanted to be a Batman or Superwoman. Now you have different aspirations and today you are on your way to making them become real.

You have worked hard, as seniors you had a wide variety of challenges to face one that I would like to mention is getting accepted to universities. And if I were to grade you on this, you would all get A’s. This year I am pleased to announce that we had many students applying abroad. They are: Jose Humberto Barboza who was accepted at Floirda Institute of Technology, Johnson Wales University and Emily Carr University. Gilberto Carrasquero was accepted at Babson College. Daniel Conde was accepted at Bentley University with a scholarship, Babson College, Northeastern University with scholarship, Boston University and University of British Colombia. Santiago Espinoza at the University of Miami. Alejandro Ghersi was accepted at Emily Carr with a scholarship and New York University. Antonella Jahn was accepted at Grand Valley State University, Johnson Wales University and Emily Carr University. Jesus Koesling was accepted at Biola University. Andres Rodriguez at Boston University, Worscester Polytechnical Institute and University of Toronto. Juan Andres Souchon was accepted at Texas Tech and Texas Christian University. Fernando Tamayo was accepted at Drexel Univ., Pace Univ. with a scholarship, Stonehill College, Curry College, McDaniel College, CW Post College, Lynn Univ. and Iona University with a scholarship. Andres Viso was accepted at Florida Institute of Technology. Congratulations.

Graduates, When you leave Colegio Jefferson today you will also be leaving behind a part of your life that was special. You will be leaving behind friends who shared your fun and laughter. You will be leaving behind teachers who took a keen interest in you. You will also be leaving behind a world where someone else made decisions for you.

From now on you will have to make your own decisions. That means you will make some mistakes, of course, but growing up means learning to deal with those mistakes. Your family and friends will still care about you greatly of course and if you are wise you will still listen to their advice. They, after all, have been around the block a few times more than you. Believe it or not they still know a thing or two.

Whatever you choose to do, believe me it is possible if you have the will and the determination to make it happen. Determination is necessary, you see, if you want to make a success of your lives. You must be sure of what you want to do and be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals. Before you leave I would ask you to re-examine those goals, to be sure that the career you have chosen will make you happy and fulfilled. Job satisfaction is very important but many people confuse it with a high salary or an attractive social position. Real job satisfaction is about feeling at the end of the day that you have made a difference.
That is why we are put on this earth. We are put here to try and improve it and to do that you must think of others. In this wide world there are so many people who are poor and hungry. There are those who are unemployed and unemployable. There are those who need your help. Today as you set out on the road of life think of those people and determine what you will do to make their lives a lot happier one.

Some of you will go on to college together but many of you are at the parting of your ways. Try to keep in touch because it’s good to have friends who have shared so much of your life. Twenty years from now you will be glad to go to a school re-union and know that they are not strangers.

The world is full of opportunities and you have the ability and the opportunity to grab them. So go out with an open mind ready to try the new. That is not to say you should forget the standards and morals with which you were reared. There will be many people
who will try to lure you away from them but stay steadfast to them because at the end of the day who are the people you admire most? My bet is that it is people like your parents who have given you such guidelines for a good life.

A good life will be a rich one though not necessarily in monetary terms. It will be one that is rich in friendships and experiences and adventures. It will be one where you live on good terms with your neighbors. It is one where you give instead of take.
I don’t know whether you will be famous although of course I hope you will not be infamous. I cannot tell whether you will discover the cure for diseases. I have no way of knowing what countries you will visit, what people you will meet. All I know is that having been a student here you have the basis for going to college or setting the world on its heels.

In closing my last words of wisdom.
Take time to love… it is the secret of eternal youth
Take time to laugh…It is the music of the heart
Take time to cry…It is a sign of a large heart
Take time to hear…It is the power of intelligence
Take time to read…It is the source of knowledge
Take time to think…It is the key to success
Take time to play….It is the freshness of childhood
Take time to dream…It is the breath of happiness
Take time to live…Because time passes quickly and never returns

Happy Road to life Dear Seniors and may God Bless you!