Speech of the student Diego Brillenbourg

Speech of the student Diego Brillenbourg
Año 2007-2008

“CLASS OF 2008”
Wednesday , July 23rd, 2008

Good morning, friends, family, faculty, and of course, graduating class of 2008!

After fourteen years of studying, working, laughing, partying, and most of all, sharing, I can easily say that our years in this school have brought us together to become the family we are. Just for the sake giving it a name, we can call it the “Dahasafau” family, but now, the time has come, as it happens to every family, for the sons and daughters to leave the safety of the nest and build the world they want to live in. However, that won’t happen right at this moment, so why don’t you reminisce with me a little.

Do you remember the first time you walked through those white gates, your first day of school? Because I don’t. But let me describe it to you as I’m sure it happened. Guillen was shaving in the bathroom (yes, this is kindergarten we’re talking about). J.P. was checking his homework with Fata, loud bursts of inimitable laughter could be heard from Corina’s mouth as Nacar whispered some juicy gossip to her ear. Lucia was sleeping; Le Club was on fire the night before, literally. Fabiana was hugging someone and Larralde was annoying. Delfer drawing, Tinga ruining his sketchbook and Luis Eduardo was outside looking for girls in nursery school. Alejandra… Alejandra didn’t come, she was “sick”. Andres had perfectly combed hair and Marco was getting an informe. Sylvia was looking for “Luisroo!” while Chescoli and Engui were looking for something to climb. As Omar ripped his shirt to the latest Chayanne hit, Carla, Maria Gabriela and Rosa were laughing uncontrollably at something nobody understood. Gaby was being mean to me and Crazy Wenzel was outside running after pigeons. Mame was riding a horse somewhere and Kike was trying out the latest addition to his toy truck; brand new 33 inch tires. Lutiberto was practicing his backhand swing, and Tony was checking his abs in the bathroom mirror. Miguelon was listening to some heavy metal on his new ipod, while Luis Gonzalez was entertaining a crowd with his amazing guitar skills, which seemed to improve as the day went on. Pancho was mad at the world and Isabella was looking for Pichi. Mawisa and Mafe were plotting some way to take over the world. Marisol was somewhere in Mexico eating enchiladas “guey” while Vanessa was at home watching Spongebob Squarepants. Sofi was the only one copying the assignment as Fefa was telling her this story about how some boy gave her this look. Itriago was spraying Andy B with a hose and Memi was really confused. Anyways, years flew by, many left, some returned, but we had a lot of newcomers as well. The process was like perfecting a recipe, mixing a wide variety of ingredients to get the perfect combination: “La Promo 18”. I know everyone tells us we are the leaders of tomorrow, and I absolutely agree, but hey, tomorrow is not today, and we won’t be leaders just yet. So right now all we have to do is be, not leaders, but ourselves so when the time comes, we’ll be ready to give it our best shot. This school has given us the foundation, over which each one of us will build our own life, and for that I know we will all be forever grateful.

And now we’re gathered here today with brand new suits and dresses under these blue rental togas, anxiously waiting for a diploma that will mark the end of the beginning and the beginning of… well, something else, hopefully not the end. So before your moment comes, and you seal the deal with a nervous hand shake, I would like to share with you the inspiring words of Mark Twain: 

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Thank you… for everything.